At Whitney Residential, we are aware that there are so many things to consider and learn about when you are looking for a new home. It is important to know you are making a sound decision and feel knowledgeable about your purchase. Typically your home is one of the largest emotional and financial investment decisions. Garnering all facts when buying is critical.

Colleen Whitney personally ensures that she knows what her clients’ needs are. She spends time at the outset and listens to home buyers, while looking within customized price ranges to source out exactly what each individual buyer is looking for. Colleen meticulously reviews house listings several times daily and will personally take time to preview homes on a client’s behalf. Colleen researches the histories of potential homes, local influences, and gathers all of the information available for her client’s best interest. Her exquisite services are especially beneficial to out-of-town clients, families, or those with busy schedules.

The Whitney Residential Team is well researched and always informed about what is happening in the local and global marketplace. It is our duty to help you understand the particulars to consider. We work around the clock to assist our clients in the decision-making process. From schools, to the community and local neighbourhood knowledge, we inform you of all the influencing factors involved in each potential purchase. It is our objective to ensure that you are confident and eady to purchase your new home. When you put in an offer on a home we know that you are satisfied.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer, it is our mission at Whitney Residential to ensure that you settle comfortably into your new living space. We maintain a close relationship with our clients and always enjoy hearing how pleased you are to be living in your dream home.